Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Do white blond people can also be Islamic fundamentalist terrorists? If you see a blond woman driving an SUV with her son in the car you would identify them as Islamic fundamentalist terrorists?  The episode “What You See” made us think about this question and the misconceptions that we have about the profile that we have in mind when we hear about Islamic terrorists touching in this episode the topic of racial profiling. At first, the NYPD’s where categorizing the search by ethnicity when Danny gets the alert information about a possible bomb. The entire city of New York goes on alert – a car bomb is somewhere in the city. All anyone knows is the car is a dark-colored SUV so checkpoints are set up everywhere. “There are about fifty million of those in the city,” he says—and that’s kind of true, the ones that we live in NYC we know that the city is full of Yellow taxis and black SUV’s—and more in the Bronx!
I really liked how Chief Reagan says about the terrorist attempt to his driver on his way into headquarters, “It’s not going to happen again. Not today. Not here.”

Renzulli and Jamie again give the “funny” touch in the show-I think is a waste of talent for Jaime!—Did you see a man in a humiliating hot dog costume on the street or did you see The Hot Dog Pharmacy?  I guess those costumes have a lot of extra space to hold the drugs and give the wearer a reason to stand on a street corner.  I’ll never look at a sandwich mascot the same way again.

I think it was a really good episode, NYC is always aware about terrorists attempts and New Yorkers we live everyday with the fear of a terrorist attempt and the fear of a possible recurrence of 9/11. In the episode What You See” everyone is fighting against a new terrorist attempt as they search for the bomb.  As Frank says, “At the end of the day, we all expect to come home safe to our families.” When I saw the Arab guy arrested I thought the episode was going to focus on racial profiling and the Reagan’s where going to debate at dinner table—as usual!— and gives their thoughts. Despite the episode focuses on racial profiling, it also emphasizes the importance of family in the end and not terrorism or race—I really like that that complementary touch that the script writer do to complete and close the whole story. 


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  2. You are right by saying that it didn't completely focus on racial profiling but still by showing the Arab guy I think they breed racial profiling in the viewers anyway.

  3. so who turned out to be the terrorist?

  4. Victor, I've seen the episode again and at first sight it seems that they are focusing on racial profiling, but if you see it closely they want to explain that focus profiling is not efficient, anybody could be a Salafi/Wahabi Terrorist!

  5. Alejandro, At the end, a White American Blond women was the Terrorist-She converted into Islam and was obsessed with the extremist Islamic way of thinking. What this episode shows is that anyone can be a terrorist and we should not just focus on racial profiling.