Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I think that the "Privileged" was a really good episode from Blue Bloods. Once again, we can see the Reagan Family debating and what I really like is that everybody gave its point of view about diplomatic Immunity. Frank, Danny, and Erin all of them have a different point of view about a rape case where the suspect had diplomatic immunity. 

It was really interesting how there was a parallelism of which personage from the Regan family work in this case—Frank worked the father, Danny worked the son, and Erin looked for a way to work around the diplomatic immunity. Definitely we can see how the Reagan family work together and are ”Really Pure American Blue Justice Blood.” What I did not like about this episode was how they portray Argentineans as pompous and obnoxious people—please don’t think that they are like that! Also, the coffee beans comment from the Diplomat. Argentina is not know for their Coffee—they have good one tho, but the one who wrote the scripts for this episode, maybe confused Argentina with Colombia! Argentina is know for their wine, meat, and produce products.
I think it was hilarious when Danny was running after the wrong suspect and grabbed a pedestrian’s umbrella to throw at the suspect’s legs.  The woman that was the owner of the umbrella didn’t even complaint! I live in NYC and if someone grabs my umbrella to throw it to someone I would at least ask him what’s going on!
Frank and his girlfriend—I don’t like her, I think she is just with to take advantage and be the first having fresh news from NYC—broke up. Probably the story between them will expand in the next episodes.  

Jamie during this episode was learning how to be a cop at the NYC streets. It’s funny to watching the rookie /training officer and how they solve the problems and detect crime. Sidney—Jaime’s GF—still questioning herself about her Harvard Lawyer boyfriend as a cop. I think that Jaime doesn’t seem to be smart so he just should keep learning how to be a good cop.   Sidney  says she can deal with Jaime as a rookie cop, but she's worried that he loves the job more than her.
Once again Jaime is interested about the Blue Templar, he questions to his grandfather about the Blue Templar when he noticed Danny has a Blue Templar pin.  His grandpa answered him, “In my day we formed the Templar for a reason, to clean up the department.  After the job was done it became just another club. Drinking and war stories.”  Im sure there will be a good story made for the next season about the Blue Templar and his brothers death!


The episode “Samaritan,” portrays us how the justice system denies people the right to protect themselves from violence. In this episode the NYPD is searching for man who shot one of the members of a gang of robbers and rapists on a subway train. There is not ethnicity difference between the shooter and thugs, I guess that is why they don’t give relevance to their ethnic group—as in other episodes they do. What they want to show in this episode is how system punishes people who protect themselves and others. 

The Reagan’s weigh the pros and cons of vigilantism when a man with a police record takes action against the criminal who is terrorizing riders on a subway. These debates between the Reagan’s make the viewers draw their own conclusion.  Finally we can clearly see that the laws of the state and city put the “vigilante” in an impossible position. The city’s “no tolerance” gun laws made this honest citizen a criminal by making it illegal for him to do what any sensible person would strive to do: make sure that he can protect himself and other from violence. I really like the episode "Samaritan" and found it particularly interesting.  This episode does not follow the same story as other policeman and justice shows, such as solving murders and kidnappings. Conversely, it shows how small crimes—in this case gangs and robbery—can also have an episode. Moreover, it was really interesting when the Reagan family conclude that the law in the city doesn’t really protect the citizen.