Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smack Attack

In this episode three teenagers die for taking drugs at a home teenager party where parents where not home. This is a subject that its real in American and the world’s society, where is very common that teenagers host home parties and that in those parties they have access and consume illegal drugs.  Allison, who takes the drug with her now-dead boyfriend Billy, survives.
The episode shows us a really interesting interaction of the Reagan family making everyone of from the family get involved with the story! Erin’s daughter Nicky, knows the dead kids, Jamie is the hero for saving Allison’s life, Danny is the lead detective, and Frank uses his family connections with the Church to assist in the investigation—I really like how the story and the Regan family ties together. Again, this weeks Danny’s partner is Detective Curatola, I think that they have a lot of chemistry as partners between them.I think that probably they will have an affair at some point next season.
I think is funny how they named the drug as M-CAT, as the MCAT exam to get in Med-School! The M-CAT drug in this episode kills and the MCAT exam, as horrible and difficult as it is prepares people to save lives.
Again we can see as in most of the episodes the interaction and exchange of opinions at the so costumed Sunday family dinner of the Reagan Family. This time Henry stared to relate his own version of “Scared Straight” to the kids and how he did to keep Joe—deceased brother—and Danny to be away from drugs


  1. It's probably to early to say anything about them having an affair but the M-CAT reference was definitely interesting. Two opposites with the same name, very insightful.

  2. Ahahaha! Thanks Victor! It was a funny analogy that I made in my review. Glad you like it!