Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reflections about Blue Bloods First Season

During this season we could see that the show Blue Bloods have catch the attention of the American TV viewers. From all the shows Currently, Blue Bloods is the number two new drama of the fall season. It has been number one for the past two Friday nights, as well as being number one with viewers and the show's targeted demographics.

-       The Show shows us how the Reagan Family has sacrifice their family and their private lives for their beloved job—Being part of the New York City Police Department. Frank lost his son Joe. Also Frank as the NYPD Police commissioner, can’t establish a serious relationship with his reporter/ex-girlfriend. Jaime, choose to be an NYPD and follow the steps of his Grandfather, Father and Brothers, instead of working as a Lawyer and have an amazing salary as a Harvard Law School Alumni. He didn’t just sacrifice his Law career but also his Girlfriend/FiancĂ©. You should detach your personal life from your work life. Danny, have gave his life to Law Enforcement, he is a Vietnam veteran and I think that have affect him physiologically. He has a really aggressive way to treat their suspects. I’m sure his behavior will influence in his private and family life.
      During this first season, the story of the blue templar have not been developed yet…they just gave us small peaks and clues about the blue templar—it seems that that’s going to be the Core of the show! I’m really excited to see what Blue Bloods have for us in its next season. I hope they still entertain us with controversial stories!

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