Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This episodes subject is about brotherhood and shows the relation of outsiders siblings—Esteban, who Erin uses to make her case against his brother Pablo, a seemingly untouchable gang leader; and parallel to this shows Danny and Jamie Reagan, that as I say it a few reviews ago, they have such an awkward brother relation and more now that they aren’t exactly acting brotherly toward each other.
In this weeks story Erin decides the only way to bring down Pablo is to force his brother to testify against him, despite the fact Esteban has become a local hero since founding and running the Webster Avenue Community Learning Center. It seems Pablo has been financing the Center for him since his legal funding dried up, which is a definite no-no. Erin seeks permission from her boss, Manhattan D.A. Charlie Rosselini, to bring Esteban in.

In an unexpected turn of events, Pablo urges Esteban to testify against him at the Grand Jury – once again, he is watching out for his little brother as he has done all their lives. Esteban gets to Erin, though, when she listens to him testifying, so she decides to ask Danny for help in investigating some old cases against Pablo as a means of bringing him down instead of using Esteban’s testimony. In another unexpected turn of events, however, Pablo is killed by his underlings. Once again the show give us more clues about the famous and mysterious Blue Templar after being absent since episode three. Jamie is washing Joe’s old car, originally was from Frank. Frank relates the story of Joe’s death—so they give us more information of Joe’s death—and then tells Jamie he can have the car. Jamie finds a box of Joe’s things in the trunk; in particular, his iPod which he listens to and hears a message Joe recorded the day of his death. It looks like the writers have decided to move this storyline ahead, Finally!

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  1. Seems like a nice tv show with lots of complex stories to come up. I am looking forward to watch it!!
    NYPD, guns, action scenes. Sign me up for this one!!!!