Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Episode 1-PILOT

    True Bloods introduce us to the Regan Family, a family that all his male members are in law enforcement, serving the New York Police Department. The scene opens with the famous “New York, New York” song of Frank Sinatra—a perfect song to start the show! Commissioner Frank Regan is getting ready for the graduation of his son, Jamie Regan. He is almost leaving his room to go to the graduation ceremony and he stops and sees a picture of his eldest son Joe—who was a great officer and die serving as an NYPDI think that later the show will focus its story in Joe's Life. While the new NYPD graduates are on the ceremony, a little Latin girl is going home from school. Suddenly, the little girl is abducted by strangers in a white van. The ceremony is over and the family is outside Madison Square Garden, Frank is proud and happy, he great his children—they are all in law enforcement now. Danny—Jamie bigger brother—tells that he has to get going because he has a missing kid to find.

    Once at the crime scene, Danny asks for the details about the kidnap. The only evidence they have is a doll that was left behind. An officer tells Danny that someone saw that it was a white van that took the girl but they don’t have the numbers on the plate. The little girl is diabetic and she takes insulin shots every 24 hours. Thus they have to find her soon or she will die. This time pressure makes Danny develop anger for the kidnapper. Frank talks to the media, they question security in NYC and the lack of police force normally when it comes to minorities. Danny in his office asks if anyone checked the doll’s manufacture and he call to the manufactures in China where they tell him that the doll is not ready for distribution and just 3 testers in the U.S have that kind of doll. 
    The first doll is with a lady who still is with her doll. The second doll is with a guy that works as a reviewer for a doll magazine. Danny gets a call on the third and they have the address. Danny and his partner Demarcus King arrive at the house of the third doll. A woman walks out, she has a cross and keeps playing with around her neck as she tells that her husband is staying at a hotel. They go to the hotel. The white van now painted in blue is parked outside the hotel. At hotel room 207, Donald Vance answers the door and Danny and King enter. Danny asks where the little girl is and he denies seen a girl. Danny arrests him and King reads him his rights. He laughs and says that he will call his lawyer and he’ll be out in and hour. After that he says that he’ll see his niece then. Danny snaps and takes Donald to the bathroom and King tells that they need to take him to the station. Danny tells that a girl is in danger and he tells Donald to tell where the girl is. Danny turns violent, he dunks and bangs Donald Vance face in the toilet until he confesses and gives Danny a key to a storage room.

They arrive at the storage and Danny saves Teresa (the little Latin girl.) In the car, Donald is shouting that Danny assaulted him and that he was almost drowned.

    In the judge’s chambers, Donald’s lawyer says to District Attorney Erin Regan-Boyle that the confession was forced. Erin asks for time, that way the police build a case before they let Donald free. The judge gives them a weekend. Danny is waiting outside the courtroom and asks how it went. She tells that he has until Monday and tells that he went too far and with his violent behavior he ruined all evidence against Donald. Jamie is walking down the street and is stopped by Agents Anderson and Sico from the FBI. They show him a “Blue Templar” ring Jamie doesn’t believe that there is a secret society in the New York Police Department, he just knew about it because his grandfather use to tell him stories about it when he was little. They try to recruit him and Jamie starts to leave. Sisco plays a recording of Joe, his brother, and they ask Jamie to finish what his brother started!
    Danny in his office reads an old article of a missing girl named Kathy and sees the same cross around the little girl’s neck that Mrs. Vance had around her neck. They go to her house and she shows that the name “Kathy” is inscribed on the back. In Erin’s office, she calls the judge to extradite Donald to Florida for the murder of Kathy and the judge agrees. They won.
Jamie walks onto a Pier where his dad Frank is fishing. Dad and son start to talk, Frank asks Jamie if everything is ok—he is worried that Jamie is not telling the whole truth and Jamie asks if Frank is keeping tabs on him. Frank replies, “I have vested interests”.


  1. I think Blue Bloods excels through its high-tone production values and standout performances from Selleck and Wahlberg, whose moral ambiguity and thinly veiled powder-keg fury, passed down by lineage, promises to fuel the series through a gripping first season--provided audiences tune in.

  2. Thanks Morgouz for your comment! I also think that the plot of the Show is really interesting and promises a good story to watch! Please stay following my blog and don't doubt commenting on it!

  3. The whole "working with family" aspect sounds like it will add an interesting element and will set this show apart from the rest of the popular crime dramas

  4. Yes Lynne, It seems that Blue bloods is going to be different from other past crime/police shows. It have a talented cast and the story line is full of interesting day a day police stories that most of the crime shows haven't talk about yet. Im really looking forwards to know more about the Blue Templar story!